10 Quicks and Easy Self Care Routines That Will Change Your Life

We get it making time for self-care can sometimes feel daunting and a little inconvenient in this fast-evolving world. That's why we are sharing with you a list of our all-time favorite quick and easy self-care routines, helping to jump-start your day, improving your mood, decreasing stress and improving focus without sacrificing your busy schedule. 

Why is self-care so important?

Self-care is crucial because it allows for a healthy relationship with yourself which in return, creates positive emotions; boosting your confidence and self-esteem — enabling you to set the necessary boundaries within your own space and even with others.

It’s All In The Balance:

Overworking and overextending yourself can cause mental and physical exhaustion making you less productive, irritable and disorderly. Great self-care habits can significantly improve your sense of purpose and overall well being. So why not take a little me time?


1. Getting In Those Greens:

Ok, we get it you’ve probably heard this more times than you can even count, but we put this as number one on our list because it sets the tone, giving you the extra boost of energy & motivation needed to tackle your hectic life successfully. Healthy eating shouldn't mean dull consumption, try new dishes that cater to your unique taste buds. You'll soon discover eating healthier is no longer a challenge and becomes what your body naturally craves.

2. Meditation:

You've more than likely heard this one as well, but have you done it longer than a few days? There's so much evidence that shows the benefits of meditation, even a few minutes a day can help significantly in alleviating anxiety and stress, making it easier to clear out negative thoughts that prevent you from reaching your highest potential.  Clearing your mental clutter also helps to ground your thoughts and actions giving you a better sense of purpose and direction.

3. Starting Your Day Earlier:

This one is huge! Long ago I couldn't envision waking up early without being forced to do so. Allotting enough time for yourself every day is vital. Sure a few extra hours of sleep may sound nice but not if your waking immediately to start your busy schedule. Thinking there are not enough hours in the day? Get to bed earlier, try waking up at least two hours before your normal routine this will significantly improve your balance and well being.  In return, you'll have all the time you need to ease into and adequately prepare for the day ahead. 

4. Getting Some Me Time:

Getting alone time is easily one of my favorite self-care routines because I happen to enjoy it so much! What do we mean by me time? Try filling the small gaps in your day with simple activities that genuinely make you happy,  that you also enjoy doing. So if it's watching entertaining Youtube videos, scheduling time for some wine and Netflix or enjoying a warm bath, don't forget to do what makes your soul smile! 

5. Keep Things Tidy:

Taking the time clean your space is essential if you want to remain focused, enhance your time management and minimize your stress. Having a messy home also creates additional mental clutter as well as decreases your performance and can even affect your mood and relationships. 

6. Dressing The Part

Studies show that what you wear actually has a massive impact on your mood. Having a well-planned thought out wardrobe that also exhibit your personal style and taste can evoke feelings of empowerment, appreciation, preparedness and even boost confidence.


7. Good Vibrations:

If it doesn't feel right or sit firmly with your beliefs get rid of it. Meaning poor relationships, habits and or also disturbing thoughts or emotions. Clearing these lower vibrations, allow you free up mental clutter, aiding in positive thinking and strengthening your sense of self. So don't be afraid to weed out what isn't serving you in your life. You'll find yourself being happier, healthier and that much more balanced.

8. Get Moving:

Getting proper physical activity probably has to be my least favorite on our list but it entirely takes the cake when It comes to having the most impact. Quick and easy high-intensity workouts are all you need if you would like to benefit from a boost in your mood, overall energy, memory, and even focus. Start small, if you don't have a gym membership try working out at home. There are tons of free apps that give you a great full body workout without the need for additional equipment.

9. Dance Like No Ones Watching

Did you know dancing can also release a large number of endorphins? This directly has an effect on pleasure increasing focus and improving the overall feelings of euphoria and bliss.

10. Be Your Priority:

Take time enjoying things that make you happy. It's your life live so get what you want out of it. Following your own pursuit and putting yourself first ensures you are living full and abundantly. Listening to nah sayers and negative feedback will only hinder your progress. The only opinion that matters is yours. Don't believe your dreams are unattainable. You hold the keys to your best life.


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